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Students and Parents

Skills Checklist

Find out what you have to offer to an employer!

Admin / Office Skills

  Able to do precise and detailed work
  Able to meet deadlines
  Aptitude for working with computers
  Good organisational skills

Communication / People Skills

  Able to build a connection with clients
  Able to work under pressure and deal with difficult people or situations
  Good communication and interpersonal skills
  Interested in people and human behaviour
  Work well with  people from all backgrounds and cultures

Physical Fitness

  Able to undertake manual, and sometimes heavy, work
  Enjoy physical activity
  Good mobility
  Physically fit and in good health

Practical / Technical Skills

  Enjoy outdoor activities
  Good hand eye coordination
  Mechanical aptitude
  Technical aptitude

Thinking Skills

  Able to quickly understand problems and think of solutions
  Able to take initiative
  Aptitude for science and research
  Good concentration skills
  Problem solving skills

Personal Qualities

  Able to deal with confidential information
  Able to work as part of a team
  Able to work without supervision
  Aptitude for leadership

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