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Students and Parents

Quiz - Trade & Practical

Career QUIZ - Trade & Practical

Take the Career quiz and begin your journey of career discovery.............

Question 1:

I’d really like a trade or practical job where I can:
Explain practical things to people
Be in charge of other people
Make things look smart and eye-catching
Complete tasks correctly
Use technology

Question 2:

In a job where I was on the move, I’d like to be a:
Bus Driver
Excavator Operator
Police Officer

Question 3:

In a job where I was working inside, I’d like to be a:
Motor Mechanic
Architectural Draftsperson
Shop Manager
Air Traffic Controller

Question 4:

In a job where I was working outside, I’d like to be a:
Animal Catcher
Sign Writer
Fire Fighter

Question 5:

If, I had to pick one of these jobs, I would choose:
Trade Business Owner
Truck Driver
Pest Controller
Trade Retail Assistant
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