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Students and Parents

Quiz - Sport

Want to make sport your career?

It’s a big industry with lots of opportunities.
Take the Sports career quiz and begin your journey of career discovery.............

Question 1:

If I worked at a recreation centre, I would be happiest:
Coaching young people
Hiring staff for the centre’s programs
Planning the activities timetable
Fixing the outdoor play equipment
Delivering health promotion workshops
Designing a funky website

Question 2:

My preferred job at an aquatic centre would be:
Exercise & Active Living Coordinator
Pool Operations maintenance
Senior Centre Manager
Newsletter Designer & Writer
Personal Trainer
Membership Officer

Question 3:

The job I would like most at a horse racing club would be:
Choosing colours and designs for big events
Attending to injured horses
Liaising with the public
Collecting racing statistics
Doing media interviews for radio and TV
Working as a Strapper or Stable Hand

Question 4:

The job I’d like most at the Grand Prix would be:
Client Services Assistant
Race Engineer
Car Graphics Designer
Senior Mechanic
Judge or Official
Motor Race Promotions

Question 5:

At an elite sporting club, my preferred job would be:
Player Contract Manager
Sports Talent Scout
Massage Therapist
Sports Psychologist
Advertising Design Consultant
Community Engagement Worker
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