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Quiz - Arts & Multimedia

Arts and Multimedia

It’s a great industry with lots of variety Take the Arts and Multimedia quiz and begin your journey of career discovery..............

Question 1:

If I worked for a theatre company I would like to:
Build the props and set the stage
Welcome people
Be the manager
Design the lighting
Take charge of ticketing
Manage the multimedia production

Question 2:

The job I would like most at a festival would be:
Graphic designer
Audio visual technician
Festival tour guide
Keeping attendance records
Coordinating volunteer staff
Moving stalls and tables

Question 3:

My preferred job at a television station would be:
Archive assistant
Building maintenance
Wardrobe design
Make-up artist
Program director
Web developer

Question 4:

I’d really like a job where I can:
Help and support people
Work with sound technology
Create things and use my ideas
Work with my hands
Be in charge of administration
Lead and manage people

Question 5:

If I was making a film, I would love to be:
The casting director choosing the actors
The continuity person making the scenes match
The prop and scenery maker
The sound mixer
The Animator
The actor’s speech coach
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